Recruitment & Selection

We can support you on site with your interviews and provide you with a suite of letters for the recruitment and selection process.

Capability, Disciplinary & Grievance

We can also support you on site with any capability, disciplinary and grievance issues and provide you the policies and documentation.

Sickness & Absence

We can advise you on how to manage absenteeism and provide you with an Absence policy and procedures including suite of letters.

Maternity, Paternity and Adoption

If it's advise on up-to-date maternity legislation as well as policies, procedures and a suite of letters, we can provide it.

Performance Management

As well we can provide advice on a performance management process i.e. appraisals, template objective setting documents, policy and procedures and a suite of letters.

Harassment & Bullying

We can provide advice on current legislation with policy and procedures.

Computer and Internet Misuse Policy

Likewise we can provide you with a computer and Internet misuse policy and staff communications.


We can support you on site during the redundancy process or provide you with advice on downsizing and alternatives to redundancy as well as a Redundancy policy, procedures and letters.

Compromise Agreements

We can provide you with advice on offering your staff compromise agreements.

Tribunal Advise

We can also support you through independent investigations and hearings.


Similarly we can provide you with advice on retirement options and support your employee's prior to retirement as well as a Retirement policy, procedures and letters.

Employee Benefits

And we can implement loyalty and employee benefits schemes i.e. Childcare voucher and Cycle scheme.

Training and Development

We can also provide on-site training on any of the above areas.


Shared Parental Leave


From 1 December 2014 women can curtail their right to maternity leave to enable their partner to take shared parental leave. Shared parental leave is expected to be available to parents of children born or placed for adoption on or after 5 April 2015.

Amendments to Paternity and Adoption Leave


From 5 April 2015 the requirement to have 26 weeks' employment with the same employer to qualify for adoption leave is removed. Also paternity leave cannot be taken in relation to a child where shared parental leave has already been taken.

Age limit for unpaid parental leave extended to 18


From 5 April 2015 the right to take unpaid parental leave will extend from parents of children under five (or 18 if the child is disabled) to parents of any child under the age of 18.


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