Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Study 1 - Absence Issue

HRhands-on advised how to manage a long serving employee on periodic long term sick leave which was resulting in extra staffing costs from temporary recruitment.


Case Study 2 - Redundancy

HRhands-on dealt face-to-face with down-sizing a business from 30 to 5 employee's to avoid further tribunal costs as the Employer had to award damages from an unfair dismissal claim for failing to adhere with the correct redundancy procedures.


Case Study 3 - Underperformance

HRhands-on advised how to manage an employee close to retirement age who had been underperforming for a few years resulting in lack of motivation within the rest of the Team.


Case Study 4 - Employee Contracts of Employment

HRhands-on provided an Employee handbook, contracts of employment and suite of policies for a new fast growing business facing employee issues.


Case Study 5 - Recruitment & Selection

HRhands-on assisted face-to-face in the Recruitment and Selection process including the interviews and the paperwork.



Furlong Flooring Ltd.

"I turnover £10m and have 50 staff. Sick days have been massively reduced, productivity and profitability increased and I have a happier workforce. Largely due to HRhands-on implementing proper procedures, policies and benefits. Using HRhands-on is tantamount to having your own HR department but without the cost. I would recommend HRhands-on to anyone who has staff. Unless you are fully trained CIPD, you DON'T know it all and you are more vulnerable than you know. Do not leave it until it's too late, I promise you will regret it."



Belman Design, Architects, Bridgend

"HRhands-on instantly proved to be a vital and integral part of my business and it's fantastic that they come to my office and carry out the HR duties for me. A life saviour!"



Alhambra Letting Agents, Farnham

"Precise, succinct, accurate and friendly. Excellent advice, easy to follow all with the knowledge that I have the backing of HRhands-on on-tap."



Rubberlay Ltd., Newport

"We have the assurance of HRhands-on 24 hour advice service should any employment issues arise, as well as full legal representation should any disputes lead to an employment tribunal. HRhands-on has literally saved me from making huge legal mistakes that would have cost me tens of thousands of pounds in court."

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